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    Opportunities of our programs:
  • Manual and electronic time;
  • with connection of light beams;
  • Recording of thousand of intermediate or finishing times;
  • Full management of competition;
  • Listing of results and letters;
  • The account of goals or points;
  • Automatic sorting in places;
  • Export into the table in Excel;
  • Save as a website;
  • Connection of the external television device for spectators
    ... and any other your orders!


Programming of your Individual Orders and Sale of ready-made Programs

Dear sports fans!

We are glad to welcome you at the biggest in Germany portal of the sports software from the first-hand. Here you can get aquainted and order the program for your kind of sports which has been created by a team of the qualified programmers with wide experience of work and crasy about their business.

All professionals know that it's impossible to receive an exact time up to the 100-th shares of second by means of a manual stop watch, therefore we have undertaken and have developed a computer stop watch to which everyone can connect laser beams and note time even till 1/1.000 seconds.

All programs are created and pass the careful tests in accordance with the orders of skilled heads of clubs from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. All buyers of these programs participate in their improvement therefore the programs are unique, multipurpose and become perfect assistants even to the highly skilled coaches or to the judges at competitions or serious trainings.

Programs are used everywhere where it is necessary to perform time account, to count goals or points, to conduct recording results and to distribute the places automatically. We can connect also the program to yours stadium display with various visual effects or assist in purchasing of large-scale LED video screen.
And in our turn we are looking for the same not so expensive and reliable manufacturers of laser light beams with supports for our programs.

We try to fulfil all orders under reasonable prices for any sports club. If you cannot find here a necessary program for you because of a language barrier or you need any individual changes, please do not hesitate to send us a short description what you need and we will reply to you for sure. We are reachable within 24 hours per day via e-mail.

Our time will show...
who the Best is!


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