Sprint a stop watch

(School and professional track and field athletics, navigation, rowing, cycling, an auto racing, dogs of run...)

For timing from one (with intermediate from time to time) up to 10 participants with starting sound and finish contacts or beams.

What the program and than it{she} can so is good?

  1. Start for all participants simultaneously through any contact (a starting pistol, plates-crackers, the button combined with a sound, an opening gate or through a starting beam).
  2. Standardly one light beam through all paths only for the winner and each path has the finish contact.
  3. Run from start through two beams Is possible{probable}.
  4. The Opportunity of timing of speed of reaction of each participant come into of contacts in starting packs or timing of time of reaction without a beam (for example having attached a wire through stop or through a belt{zone}).
  5. It is possible to measure various pieces of a distance for one participant (1, 10, 20, 30...100 m).
  6. It is possible to calculate final speed in start of the jumper.
  7. The Program reduces quantity{amount} of the judge on finish and to raise{increase} accuracy of a stop of manual time. Starting reaction by the judge is not required.
  8. All results are automatically recorded and exposed places that increases speed of processing and reduces errors.
  9. At manual to a stop 10,41 and 10,49 = 10,5, but places will be deservedly divided{undressed}.
  10. An opportunity automatic timing of time for sportsmen without the trainer.
  11. At absence of beams it is possible to connect wires, having fixed them on levels of a breast for the professional, having made a corridor in width in 2 m.
  12. Buttons " Auf die Plätze! ", " Fertig! " " LOS!!! " Stereo speakers, for example for 200 m from finish are conceived for the trainer who sits on finish with Notebook/Laptop, and near the sportsman.

The description

Computer timing is developed for such kinds of sports where up to 10 participants almost simultaneously come to finish (track and field athletics, navigation, rowing...) and, accordingly, it is required up to 10 seconds. Experience of carrying out of competitions shows, that reaction at all different and manual time not always corresponds{meets} valid, therefore and there was a necessity to start hours simultaneously for all at once, that considerably reduces errors, and for the first finish to take electronic time through beams since it can be record time for the age category or a class.
To take electronic time till 1/100 seconds of each participant, it is necessary to have a photo finish or a sufficient interval between sportsmen (machines{cars}, horses, dogs...) for contact the laser beams.
As the starting button the starting pistol (www.sport-thieme.de>> "start">> Suchen = 44,50 EUR) or a board-cracker with metal contacts and wires to the CATFISH-PORT of a computer can be applied. It is necessary most to make{produce} the device since they, in difference from us, do not carry out individual orders.
The computer to be on finish where each second has the separate USB-keyboard with keys F1-F10 (about 4 USB-ports are necessary to have, and connection of keyboards after full start of a computer!) or it is necessary the soldering contact buttons and to stretch wires from a computer. Each second can stop 2 participants. In test DEMO versions time precisely does not undertake.


In installations the quantity{amount} simultaneously start of participants or quantity{amount} of time, i.e. quantity{amount} of the contacts stopping time (1-10) gets out. There it is visible what contact where it is necessary to connect. Electronic or manual timing (the termination{ending} 1/100 or 1/10 sec.) gets out.
On the general manager a window it is necessary to open Excel the starting list created before competition on the enclosed sample. At a window there are text fields: the title of competition, date, the name of running, number, the name of discipline, force of a wind and a class which is automatically loaded from a file laying in the same folder where also the program.
In installations time of operation of automatic start (button " Sound " for a team{command} " On start is exposed! " It is standard 20±10 seconds.) that the sportsman has had time to become in starting packs. After pressing will sound " On start! ", in 5 seconds " Attention! " And through 1,5 till 3,5 seconds that sportsmen have not got used, " the MARCH! = a shot ". It is possible to create the sound signals, but names to change it is impossible. To press them it is possible manually under the order.
There is a button for start and it{she} and for FALSH START (a shot of a pistol). A stop of time of each path by means of keys F1 … F10. If not all participants have reached yes finish time stops and in a floor{field} "Place" click of the mouse corresponding{meeting} record gets out (places are recalculated automatically.). That judges have not forgotten to keep results and to accelerate process, below the button " 00:00 and Save " = RESET with simultaneous preservation of results in the report which should be closed during timing.
FINISH contacts have all " Beep Audio Ton " for the control of operation.

The report

After the first RESET date, number of running (a heat, driving is created PROTOCOL a file where the name of competition enters the name...), a kind or a distance, a class, speed of a wind and participants by way of to resort (a place, a surname, an age class, sports club and time).

[Ctrl+P] the Example of the report of results right after running in TXT FILE*

The standard font in Editor/Notepad should be: Courier New 10 (80 signs in line)

Blockwettkampf des TuS Scharnhorst, in Dortmund, Stadion Rote Erde
am Fr. 22.06.2008
Schüler B
60 m Hürden Vorlauf 1		Wind:  -2,5 m/s			  14:03 
 1. Welters, Torsten		95 Mönchengladbacher LG	   7,99 sec.
 2. Schneider, Jan		96 LGO/ DJK Ewaldi Aplerbeck	   8,01 sec.
 3. Sachse, Emanuel		95 TSV Hagen 1860		   8,29 sec.
 4. Wehmeyer, Jamy		95 LGO/TVE Barop		   8,33 sec.
 5. Werthenbach, Maximilian	95 TVE Netphen			   8,41 sec.
 6. Beille, Jonathan		95 LGO/TSC Eintracht Dortmund	   8,49 sec.
 7. Weise, Marcus		95 TVE Netphen			   8,82 sec.
 8. Shatkovskyy, Martin		96 TuS Scharnhorst 97/2003 e.V.	   8,85 sec.
 9. Beille, Jonathan		96 LGO/ Post- und Telekom SV	   8,90 sec.
10. Mielcarek, Timo		96 LGO/TSC Eintracht Dortmund	    DIS
    Erstellt mit dem Programm "Sprint-Stoppuhr"           www.StopWatch.de
    Lizenz für TuS Scharnhorst

If time is more than 60 seconds in the report in the end seconds will be entered not, and minute.
If speed of a wind is not measured, in a floor{field} it is necessary to put "-".

Connection of contacts

START: COM1 7+8 (START for all simultaneously). Time starts to run at short circuit of a circuit. FINISH beams open manually or automatically through certain time exposed in installations. Circuit CLOSE (ON), i.e. at disconnection occurs{happens} record of time.
Finish Kontakt (STOPP):
1. Bahn: COM1 1+4 Button [F1]
2. Bahn: COM1 4+6 Button [F2]
3. Bahn: COM2 7+8 Button [F3]
4. Bahn: COM2 1+4 Button [F4]
5. Bahn: COM2 4+6 Button [F5]
6. Bahn: COM3 7+8 Button [F6]
7. Bahn: COM3 1+4 Button [F7]
8. Bahn: COM3 4+6 Button [F8]
9. Bahn: COM4 7+8 Button [F9]
10. Bahn: COM4 1+4 Button [F10]

1-st can be taken through a light beam, and others only if the distance allows, and differently manual time. In the future it is planned to combine with the chamber and videorecording that then through stop the staff in a mode a pause to specify who was the first if have come running TOGETHER.
All buttons in German, and signatures in English.

Sequence of work

In EXCEL to create on the sample the starting list of participants (runnings by quantity{amount} of paths with to divide{share} in the line). The quantity{amount} of paths should be one and too for one starting list (for one kind, for one class).
To start the program, to choose in a configuration so much paths, how many in a file Starterliste.xls and to load the button of the program the starting list. After a stop of last time there is accessible button RESET, after its{her} pressing results are brought in the report of a file and automatically following running gets out.
In configuration Ziel-LS frei in X, x sec. - blocks/opens FINISH a beam/and through exposed time after starting contact.

Combinations of keys:

   F1 … F10 = contacts of a stop of time
   F11 = opening/blocking of a beam from casual contact
   F12 = START and FALSH START (sound alternative to a pistol)
   Ctrl + H = Help (help)
   Ctrl + E = Installations and registration
   Ctrl + I = the Information
   Ctrl + O = To open the starting list
   Ctrl + 0 = to choose all participants
   Ctrl + A = automatic START (Sound)
   Ctrl + P = a press{seal} the current report
   Ctrl + S = Save (00:00 and preservation of results in the report)
   Ctrl + F1 … F10 = removal{distance}/restoration of the participant

If the participant has not finished a distance its{his} time is necessary
To stop and in a floor{field} "PLACE" double click to change record (DIS, AUS...)

The complete set of delivery

Laptop, and other the customer gets the starting device, beams or contact buttons, wires, supports, the printer.
We offer only the software.

Contents a folder:
Audio-Auf-Platz.wav = the Sound team{command} " On start! ";
Audio-Fertig.wav = " Attention! " (it is possible to write down the voice);
Audio-Start-Fehl.wav = " the March! = a shot of a pistol " - the same sound and for FALSH start;
Audio-Stopp.wav = a sound contact FINISH of contact for the control;
Liste-Disziplinen.txt = the list of disciplines of kinds of sports;
Liste-Klassen.txt = the list of age categories of participants;
Liste-Lauf.txt = the list running / a heat / driving (it is possible to bring the data
In the language, but files should have these names);
Protokoll-Beispiel.xls = an example of the starting list in Excel to the table;

Protokoll-Example.txt = the sample of the report of results, where "Wind" = a wind;
Sprint-Stoppuhr.chm = this help to the program;
Sprint-Stoppuhr.exe = the program "Sprint-stop watch";
Support = the reference{link} to the contact data card on the Internet where you can order
The program and after purchase to get the qualified support.
After payment the program can be translated{transferred} from German on your language then the additional file will be added.
Start all buttons of finish is not pressed yet are blocked or easier{simply} to not work.
At identical time the identical place, and the following leaves.
Starting contact the second time contact to a delay ca. 0,3 with (for FALSH start and from casual repeated contact at run from start through a beam).

For the information on sports:
Up to 1/100 sec. Run up to 10.000 m;
400 m finish on the path;
800 start on the, and finish on one;
From 1500 is already as a marathon.
At finish on one path the judge does not know who on what path was, but see number, therefore it is better to write starting number for assignment of time to a path.
In the future creation of the additional report of all FINISH contacts of a beam for assignment of starting number by it{him} and distributions on the paths (sm "OldTimer-GLP" with a delay as in "Einzeln-Massenstart") is planned.

If false number or not numbers (casual contact) about this time it is not appropriated{given} is entered. Time is possible KORREKTION.
While it not electronic time (the photo finish there is necessary), and more exact manual time or automatic timing of time through beams.
Or this electronic time for machines{cars} (for rigid bodies of identical height).

Cheap alternative to beams:
Instead of beams a corridor in width in 2 m with wires on 1 meter. In the middle to connect strong contact which it is easy{light} OFF at crossing through it{him}. To establish{install} at a level of a breast.
It is impossible to apply to children, since they will be afraid to run or a hand to break, but and it is not necessary to them is for professionals!
The computer can be both on start, and on finish, but the sound signal of start always should be near sportsmen since speed of a sound 300 m/s and the further, the participants later will run out.
If Notebook is on start the short cable to a pistol (or is necessary to stereo speakers) and long wires to FINISH to contacts (in stadium should suffice 200 m).
If Laptop is on finish the long cable to a pistol which is on start, and short wires to FINISH is necessary to contacts. At small quantity{amount} of participants it is possible even to manage internal or additional USB the keyboard.

*? to the program it is not stipulated yet.