The program is on the basis of stop wading CH riding for the electronic and point collection with automatic placement developed. Time measurement takes place XXX,xx-digit as timer/stop watch in seconds display. On the display first the COUNT down time appears, after the START - click or to the light barrier release the stop watch. The timers and stop watch time can be continued and continued. On the program window the time display, permitted times (EZ) are, as well as match minutes. For the operation the Buttons TIMER, START, stopping and continuing, breaking off, REGISTERING, ELIMINATING and NEXT ONE, minutes memory stands as... (text file, Word, Excel, web page), open (TXT), Word, Excel, web page, print and delete (again) for the order. A new field "LS contact", if one forgets the light barriers to activate (the times thereafter compute). One can provided starter list text file or a TORIS DBF file open and the participant selector it for that next ones is automatically indicated. The TXT file which can be read in can be provided simply with a text editor, whereby the sequence head No., horse, rider name and association kept to become to have. Description Operating instructions Attitudes Minutes Light barrier connection...


2-phase jump
Competitions (Pferde-/Reitsport)
The program is designed for the equestrian trials with electronic timing, point detection and automatic ranking.

Light barrier connection
Questions and Answers
Update and changes

All errors in / with the file containing the Toris Toris developers discuss! We want to have anything to do with it.
Not sorted starting order in Tori is not well sorted. Import / export is not guaranteed.
While the timing hundredth seconds are not displayed.
The sensors "Free / Locked", the user is responsible.
Photocells connected only to the COM or USB port on COM2USB converter.

Timing is XXX, XX digits as a timer / stopwatch second hand. On the first screen shows the countdown time to the START - or click the photoelectric triggering the timer. The Timer-/Stoppuhrzeit can be paused and resumed.
Display colors: orange = Timer (RGB: 243, 167, 5).
Starting and running time = green.
Stop time = yellow.
Penalty = red.

Are on the program window, the time display, time allowed (SR), and the competition protocol. To operate the buttons are TIMER, START, pause and resume, cancel, cancel, stop 1/2, ELIMINATE, WRITE, and NeXT. Toris.dbf or created Starterliste.txt / xls open. Save log as ... (Tori, text file, Word, Excel, Web), export to MS Word or Excel, print, delete, (New), TOP10 and TV mode.
A new field "LS-contact" if you forget to activate the light barriers (even then calculate the time).

You can open a file or a Toris-created entry list as a text file and manually select the starting number (double click in the log), or it will automatically appear the next.

The einzulesende TXT file can easily be created with a text editor, the sequence starting number., Head no. Need to be horse riders and club name is preserved.
The separation column is using the tab key to TXT:

StNr CNo. Horse / Pony Rider Name Club
1411 Myrus Boedicker 2, Anna House RV Kierst eV
Baroness 21 2 56 Boland, Veronica RC Neusser 1967
Crescendo 3631 17 Busch, Catherine RFV Liedberg eV
4147 Chromo 777 Toll stick, Martin TuS Scharnhorst eV
Tori's program. As a DBF file type and file to be selected. As the DBF file is created in Tori, please refer to the manual or the help of Tori. It is important that the order of columns in the protocol are Tori's timing program of the same. Tori's created multiple DBF files from one test, with only the following type is used PxxV.dbf (xx stands for the examination number, Tori awards).
Important! Start number and head number to be awarded, otherwise you can not sort the riders.

The LPO 2004 stipulates that in riding and driving tests, the timer function, after the timer expires, must be seen differently. In the riding test is not eliminated.

The timing error points are automatically calculated from the specifications set in advance. The second penalty for the current phase can be entered by hand. You can edit fields in the number of penalty points and the points of refusal to enter. With the button "SUBMIT" then all data will be included in the report. It takes place immediately after each participant assumed an automatic ranking order. If a participant is eliminated, he is at the end of the log sorted alphabetically labeled "EL". The same for cancellation (AUS, Retired, Abandoned ...).

Two title lines are for the little additional information when it is connected to the dual operation of the graphics card a TV / monitor / projector and for the website.

The program is operated by hand on the mouse and / or keyboard, and with external contacts / light barriers.

The little green "light" mean the release of the barrier. The stop-light barrier MUST ALWAYS be released, otherwise no signal of the stop light barrier evaluated. If the password, the times for each LS-Contact stored anyway. You must then manually calculate and enter the time.

The stopwatch will run flawlessly under all Windows operating systems.
The program does not require installation and can be started immediately from the disk. You can place the program folder anywhere on your hard drive and create a shortcut on the desktop.

The trial version you will be thoroughly tested before the sale or use during competition.

The unregistered version can only be 5 - stop times. After receiving the registration code, no money will be refunded. The purchased version may not be resold, donated or loaned.
The demo version without a key, of course, you can give and recommend.

Technical changes have no impact on the quality and general features are reserved for future developments!

Under the menu item "Settings", the required settings:

COM port selection and contact for connecting the photocells;
Light barrier algorithm;
Photocell automatically free (yes / no);
Directional selection process (which is still not clear what should be there all!);
Competition with music (yes / no);
Specifying the expiration of the timer (countdown time in seconds);
Time points of failure XX, XX;
Per second (s) XX, x;
Allowed time 1 Phase;
Allowed time 2 Phase;
Color settings of the Clock: display, error time, timer, stopwatch and numbers;
The results in the protocol automatically take over (Yes / No) in seconds;
TV-out device (first connect, then set up!);
Sound files for the gong:
Start the timer, pause and resume,
00:00 of the timer and elimination;
Default settings (default);
Registration code entry fields.
Time protocol
Registration list entries:

1 2 3 4 5
K.Nr. St.Nr. Rider Name horse / pony club

First Phase "A" (default):

6 7 8 9 10 11
Real-time penalty seconds to a time error error error 1 Spring Rank 1 *

12 13 14 15 16 17 21
Real-time penalty seconds time 2-time error error error 2 Spring rank

* "Rank 1" only when errors were.

Second Phase "B" (note):

12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 21
Real-time penalty seconds time 2-time error error error 2 Spring Style rating Endnote Rank

Second Phase "C" (Time):

12 13 14 16 20 21
Real-time penalty seconds to 2 jumping faults seniority

Rank comparison and verification from right to left, so first time and then points.

In the protocol, the starting number, head number, horse, rider name, organization, time of first Phase, the first error Phase, the time of the 2nd Phase, judges note, the second error Stage, grade, total time and place indicated.
In the protocol, a participant may be removed by clicking on the highlighted row with the right mouse button. A menu of choices.
Some cells in the log can be changed manually (double click or write immediately).
Sort by first column - Click on the name.

Right click in the log:
First Only 1 Phase
Second Eliminate
Third Copy all
4th Remove row
5th Sort
6th Eliminated = "Off"
7th Posted = "on"

Judged in the program (choose "Settings")
Jumping style will be judged according to § 520 LPO.

In the 2-phase jump, the first and the second Phase in Table A are carried out.

The first Phase "A" is always the same (this corresponds to a normal jump):

Real time X = time + penalty seconds
Points X = Diving-point error (F-pt.) + Allowed-time points (Ez-pt.).

For every obstacle there is error only 0.5 or 4 penalty points.
The second Phase is allowed only if no error in the first Phase were.

Calculations for placement in the program:

First Table A + A (1 +2. Phase)

Phase-time = real time + penalty seconds
Points = Points + penalty points allowed-time points
The ranking: after Fehlerpunkte2, then after Time2, Time1 and then after points1:

Time1 Straf.-sec. Error1 Z. error Time2
Straf.-sec. Fehl.2 Z. error Error2 Rank

Time Phase1 Phase2 F. points1 time Punkte2 F. Rank
45.3 0 43.5 0 1.
43.5 0 45.6 0 2.
50.7 0 40.7 4 3.
43.6 4 - 4
40.3 8 - 5

In Table A "Ez-point." 0.25 points per seconds or part thereof.

Second Table A + B (A with note)

There are show jumping, where there is a note. The grade is between 0 (worst) to 10 (very good). A group of judges awards the marks up to tenths (eg 5.9, 6.8, 8.2, ...). Besides the grade also plays a role in the total time needed. If a ride is too slow, will be deducted from the grade for each beginning 0.1 seconds. Spring errors are also deducted from the bill.
A penalty points here are only 0.5 penalty points (HF.-pt.).

Touch judges: 7.5
Withdrawal time: -0.3
Withdrawal jumping fault: -0.5
Endnote: 7.5 - 0.3 - 0.5 = 6.7
Winner of the examination is the rider with the highest grade. The time is not important only the final grade:

Straf.-sec. Add voice incorrect. Z.-error style rating Total error Total time Rank

Time1 Time2 points1 touch judge touch Error2 Rank
45.3 0 23.5 7.5 0 7.5 1.
43.5 0 25.6 7.7 0.5 7.2 2.
50.7 0 20.7 7.5 0.3 7.2 2.
43.6 4 - 4
40.3 8 - 5

For the topping process B are calculated as the time error for each beginning 0.1 seconds penalty.

Third Table A + C

First Phase = Table A and the second Table C phase, where column "error obstacle points 2" = "penalty time" and in "C" there is no time allowed.
= First place overall after time (Time 2 +-sec penalty. Error2 + = time), then first to the "fault 1" and in a tie after the "time1". Time2
Straf.-sec. Error C the seniority

Time1 Time2 points1 Straf.-sec. Seniority
45.3 0 34.2 0 34.2 1.
47.0 0 30.6 6 36.6 2.
42.0 0 36.6 0 36.6 2.
40.8 4 - 4
45.3 4 - 5

Table C = time jumping. Errors are converted into penalty seconds. If this is indicative process for each error 4 penalty seconds are added to the time used.
Ranking: The fastest of the 2 Phase, then errors and time from the 1st Phase.
Table C gives it even with the "normal" jumping.
Exception 2-phase jumping - there are 3-second penalty. (?)

External contacts on USB-/COM-Port, photocells connection
COM1 for example:
1 +4 = START
OBJECTIVE 1 4 +6 = Phase
7 +8 = TARGET second Phase

4 +6 = Timer (Start / Stop / Next)
1 +4 = Stop (Pause / Resume)

Timer and stop "event at On and then Off" (Wippen-/Kippschalter).

Connect to the hardware implementation must be the contacts 1-4, 4-6 and 7-8 (RS-232/9-poliges plug).
It can also only a light barrier for START and ZIEL1/Ziel2 be used (eg COM1 4-6) or
4-6 START COM1, COM1 7-8 Objective 1 and Objective 2 and so on

"Settings" => COM Port select:
1) event at: On / Off (contacts connected):
Timer + Click
+ Disconnect contacts => the stopwatch is running.
+ Wait for few seconds, release target light barrier
+ Disconnect contacts => the timer is stopped.
2) Algorithm A / On:
+ Contacts are not
Timer + Click
+ Connect contacts => Time is ticking
+ Wait for few seconds, release target light barrier
+ Connect contacts => The time is

We recommend that you use high-beam sensors to malfunction must be kept as low as possible.
An external locking of the light barrier is not necessary because the photocells are locked by the software.
If you forget to free the light barrier, it is still registered every contact. Man is then only manually enter the time and calculate.

S. screenshots and movies.

Fragenund replies
Can other programs interfere with the program?
Yes. Time is recorded in the computer has the highest priority, but it is not recommended while taking the time to perform a download or to start a game and play.
Especially Kaspersky AntiVirus can have very bad impact on the programs.

Can I use an old PC?
From Pentium133/Windows98 the time displays correctly. On older computers, we have not tested the software.

Is it possible to open and edit the record and without MS Office?
Save as a text file and open it.

Why can not I open the file Tori?
Please ask the ToRiS developers. With us, everything works flawlessly.

Update and request changes
Any errors when you find to be repaired free of charge. There is no update, but if you want to buy the program, you can send us your request, proposals for improvement. The latest version, we will send you e-mail.

The software runs on our website "Contact Us" or - to be ordered (for additional corrections) and after receipt of payment you receive your unlock code by e-mail "order confirmation".

You can also order from us or other desired programs can create your websites with us, and the order should not be less than 100 €.

During programming, we do not want to be disturbed by phone. Send us an e-mail or text message. E-mails are read within 24 working hours.

Order Contact
Current contact information can be found at Stop Watch. De

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